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We're Building a Hospital That Serves Your Life

The Hospital of Ahvenisto – familiarly known as Assi

Assi is a next generation integrated health services central hospital and healthcare center in the heart of Tavastia-region in Finland. Assi will be built right next to the nature reserve of Ahvenisto, Hämeenlinna during 2021–2026.

Assi’s main objective is to create a uniquely customer-oriented, high standard hospital with excellent accessibility from everywhere in Southern Finland. Assi will be working in close co-operation with the regional special health care, primary health care and social care, as well as with university hospitals and private service providers. The use of innovative technology and digital services will provide modern, comprehensive and safe treatment for our patients.

Assi by services

Assi will be the 10th largest central hospital in Finland. Assi will be built in the population center of Finland and accessible to a total of 2.5 million Finns. The hospital is planned to be part of the star hospital network, which consists of the Tays Central Hospital in Pirkanmaa, Pitkäniemi, Hatanpää, Sastamala, Valkeakoski and the hospitals of Forssa, Riihimäki and Ahvenisto in Kanta-Häme.

The Assi´s services include 24/7 emergency medical services and all major medical specialties including psychiatry. In addition to special health care functions Assi will provide primary health care general practitioner appointments, dentistry and acute home care and home hospital services. The Assis´s services will include also Fimlab’s laboratory, Tays Heart Hospital and possibly Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement. A small ambulance station will also be part of the hospital complex. Commercial services include pharmacy, grocery store and restaurant.

Vauvan ja aikuisen käsi koskettavat hellästi toisiaan. Tunnelma on lämmin.

Assi by numbers





  million € 







hospital beds


  births per year in 5 maternity rooms 


  surgeries in 15 operating rooms 


  visits per year 



completion year

Alliance of Assi

Assi will be planned and implemented by alliance model. Alliance is an agreement between the customer, the designers and the contractors. The partners are responsible for designing and building project together in common organization and common objectives, sharing opportunities and risks.

The partners in Alliance of Assi are Kanta-Häme Hospital District, Skanska, Sweco and architect consortium Team Integrated (Architect Office Harris-Kjisik, AW2 Architects and De Jong Gortemaker Algra)

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